From left to right: Mikko, Mona, Daniel, David, Ruth, Sven, Ville, Lukas, Sophie, Alex, Judith, Ina, Michael, Patricia, Ana, Andrea, Shreyas, Calle (not on picture).

Current Group Members (see page current lab members)


  • Dr. Sophie Mader, PhD student 2016-2020, postdoc 2020-2021, currently postdoc at Oxford University
  • Mr. Eric Hartmann, intern 2018, MSc student 202, currently visiting scientist at Heidelberg University
  • Dr. Mona Baumgart, PhD student 2016-2021, currently scientist at
  • Mr. Daniel Frey, intern 2019, MSc student 2020-2021, currently PhD student at Oxford University
  • Dr. Johan Berg, postdoc 2020-2021, currently Process Engineer at Pfizer
  • Dr. Andrea Di Luca, PhD student + postdoc (TUM/SU) 2016-2021, currently postdoc in University of Fribourg
  • Romina Wild, MS student, research assistant (TUM) 2019-2020, currently at SISSA
  • Marija Sorokina, MSc student (TUM)
  • Dr. Andrea Di Luca, post-doc 2019-2020 ; PhD student 2015-2019
  • Judith Warnau, PhD student 2014-2019 (jointly with Max Planck)
  • Dr. Carl-Mikael Suomivuori, PhD student 2014-2018 (jointly with Uni Helsinki), currently at Standford University
  • Dr. Shreyas Supekar, PhD student 2014-2017, post-doc at IISER Pune
  • Dr. Ina Bisha, post-doc 2017 -2018, currently scientist at Definiens (The Tissue Phenomics Company)
  • Dr. Mikko Muuronen, post-doc 2017, currently research scientist at BASF
  • Dr. Mikael P. Johansson, 2014-2015, currently Academy of Finland group leader at University of Helsinki
  • Dr. Tapio Salminen, post-doc 2016, currently at Physics Teacher at Eira High-School for Adults
  • Dr. Ilke Ugur, 2014-2015, currently in Ankara, Turkey
  • Dr. Qi Luo, PhD student 2014-2017, currently in China
  • Marco Payr, research intern, 2018-2019
  • Drilona Llolluni, HiWi, 2018-2019
  • Armin Römer, research intern, 2018
  • M.Sc. Tom Bärwinkel, 2014-2015, currently Software Engineer at Capgemini
  • Sven Klumpe, BSc 2015, HiWi/research intern 2016-2018
  • M.Sc. David Fischermeier, MSc student 2016-2017, currently at Uni Würzburg
  • M.Sc. Lukas Niedegger, MSc 2017, currently PhD student at TUM
  • Nils Sjöberg, 2014, currently at KTH
  • Christoph Muschielok, 2014, currently PhD student at TUM
  • Lucas Lang, 2014, currently PhD student at Max Planck Institute, Mülheim
  • Artiom Magomedov, 2014, currently at Kaunas University of Technology