Current Lab Members

Prof. Ville R. I. Kaila, PI, Head of Lab
Professor of Biochemistry
See CV, About me, Faculty Page

Dr. Ana P. Gamiz-Hernandez,
Staff scientist, See Web Page

Dr. Grant Kemp
Researcher, lab manager, see Web Page

Dr. Patricia Saura
Post-doctoral researcher, See Web Page

Dr. Dirk Auman
Post-doctoral researcher, See Web Page

Dr. Alexander Jussupow
Post-doctoral researcher, See Web Page

Dr. Viivi Hirvonen
Post-doctoral researcher, see Web Page

Dr. James Davies
Post-doctoral researcher, see Web Page

Michael Röpke
PhD student, TUM Lab

Max Mühlbauer
PhD student, TUM Lab

Daniel Riepl
PhD student, see Web Page

Friederike Allgöwer
PhD student, See Web Page

Maximilian Pöverlein
PhD student, See Web Page

Hyunho Kim
PhD student, see Web Page

Adel Beghiah
PhD student


  • Dr. Sophie Mader, PhD student 2016-2020, postdoc 2020-2021, currently postdoc at Oxford University
  • Mr. Eric Hartmann, intern 2018, MSc student 202, currently visiting scientist at Heidelberg University
  • Dr. Mona Baumgart, PhD student 2016-2021, currently scientist at
  • Mr. Daniel Frey, intern 2019, MSc student 2020-2021, currently PhD student at Oxford University
  • Dr. Johan Berg, postdoc 2020-2021, currently Process Engineer at Pfizer
  • Dr. Andrea Di Luca, PhD student + postdoc (TUM/SU) 2016-2021, currently postdoc in University of Fribourg
  • Romina Wild, MS student, research assistant (TUM) 2019-2020, currently at SISSA
  • Marija Sorokina, MSc student (TUM)
  • Dr. Judith Warnau, PhD student 2014-2019 (jointly with Max Planck)
  • Dr. Carl-Mikael Suomivuori, PhD student 2014-2018 (jointly with Uni Helsinki), currently at post-doc at Stanford University.
  • Dr. Shreyas Supekar, PhD student 2014–2017, currently post-doc at A-Star, Singapore
  • Dr. Qi Luo, PhD student 2014–2017, currently Westlake Univeristy, China.
  • Dr. Ina Bisha, post-doc 2017 -2018, Scientist at Definiens, Tissue Phenomics Company.
  • Dr. Mikko Muuronen, post-doc 2017-2018, currently Research Scientist at BASF
  • Dr. Mikael P. Johansson, 2014-2015, currently group leader at University of Helsinki
  • Dr. Tapio Salminen, post-doc 2016, currently Science Educator and Producer, Helsinki.
  • Dr. Ilke Ugur, 2014-2015, currently post-doc at Middle East Technical University/TUBITAK Fellow at Ankara, Turkey.
  • M.Sc. Tom Bärwinkel, MSc and research internship 2014-2015, currently Software Engineer at Capgemini
  • David Fischermeier, MSc student 2016-2017, currently in Uni Würzburg
  • Jonas Gellner, BSc thesis, 2019
  • Lisa Klimper, BSc thesis 2019
  • Daniel Frey, research internship, 2019
  • Eric Hartmann, research internship 2019
  • Marco Payr, research internship, 2019
  • Karolin Kadeltz, research internship, 2019
  • Drilona Lloluni, research internship, 2019
  • Sven Klumpe, 2015 – 2018, research intern, currently at MPI Biophysics
  • Artiom Magomedov, research internship 2014, currently at Kaunas University of Technology
  • Nils Sjöberg, research internship 2014, currently at KTH
  • Lucas Lang, research internship, 2014, currently PhD student at MPI, Mülheim
  • Chrisoph Muschielok, research internship 2014, currently PhD student at TUM