Open PhD position in Kaila Lab

Interested in integrating computational, biophysical, machine learning and/or structural techniques?

We search for PhD candidates for biophysical studies of proteins catalyzing biological energy conversion, in particular enzymes of respiratory chains. The project is focused on how membrane-bound enzymes capture and store chemical energy and transduce this into other energy forms. The project will address the structure, function, and dynamics of these fascinating proteins, by combining methodology from computational, biochemical, biophysical, machine learning, and structural techniques. The PhD candidate will work closely with other PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists of the lab in an interdisciplinary team. Several projects related bioenergetics and protein function are possible depending on the background and interests of the applicant. Candidates interested in theory/multiscale simulations, experimental work, or integrative computational/experimental approaches, are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: April 23, 2023
Official announcement and application page:

PhD position in Biochemistry (experimental or exp+comp)
PhD position Biophysics (computational or comp+exp)